Our Story

Founded in Provo, UT in 2013, Mountain Medical Supply is family-owned and operated with a steadfast commitment to helping the workers who served our country as part of America’s nuclear weapons program. When we first started, we knew very little about the Department of Labor (DOL), their worker’s compensation program, or the eligibility requirements for medical equipment and supplies. But we were determined to help the workers and their families who sacrificed so much for our country and deserved the best care. Grit and big hearts got us through a rocky start!

Over time, we’ve developed deep expertise in the DOL program’s requirements and regulations, and we use that knowledge to make a real difference in the lives of yesterday’s heroes. We are proud to serve those who served us by providing the highest quality medical equipment and supplies, quickly and at no cost to them.

We are dedicated to educating our patients and partners about the program’s entitlements and about the products available to improve their lives. Our commitment to excellence and compassion is reflected in our creation of a team made up exclusively of experienced RNs and former DOL case workers who provide expert guidance and support to our patients and home health partners.

Thank you for choosing Mountain Medical Supply. We are honored to be a trusted partner in your journey to better health and well-being.

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