How do I get an oxygen concentrator covered by the DOL?

How do I get an oxygen concentrator covered by the DOL?

If your doctor indicates you need an oxygen concentrator, whether stationary or portable, you can likely have the cost covered by the Department of Labor (DOL). However, there are a few steps you need to follow to obtain prior authorization and demonstrate the medical necessity.

The DOL requires proof that your oxygen levels desaturate to a point where supplementary oxygen is necessary. To show this medical need, you can undergo several possible tests:

  1. 6 Minute Walk Test: This test measures your oxygen saturation level before and after walking for six minutes at a normal pace. It’s especially useful for demonstrating desaturation with exertion.
  2. Overnight Pulse Oximetry Test: This simple test involves wearing a pulse oximeter on your finger while you sleep. The device records information about your oxygen saturation levels throughout the night. If your saturation levels remain consistently low, it may indicate the need for supplemental oxygen.
  3. Arterial Blood Gas (ABG) Test: This blood test measures your oxygen saturation level, among other things. While it is accurate, it’s less popular due to the need to draw blood from an artery, which can be more painful than a typical vein draw.
  4. Sleep Study: A comprehensive test that can be done at home or in a lab. It’s typically requested if you have, or are suspected to have, sleep apnea or other sleep disorders. A sleep study provides a detailed assessment of your sleep patterns and can help determine the necessity for supplemental oxygen.
  5. Pulmonary Function Test (PFT): This non-invasive test typically uses a spirometer to measure the amount of air you can breathe in and out during various breathing exercises. As the PFT primarily assesses lung volume, it may not explicitly state oxygen desaturation. However, if it’s the only test you have, we can still use it to support your case with the DOL.

Once we have your test results and the rest of the documentation needed for your Prior Authorization Request (PAR), our team will submit the request to the Department of Labor. Unfortunately, the DOL can still take weeks to months to respond, so we’ll do our best to assist with equipment while we work on getting DOL approval.

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