What’s prior authorization and how do I get my equipment?

What’s prior authorization and how do I get my equipment?

We understand that getting approval for certain medical equipment can be a bit complicated, but at Mountain Medical Supply, we’re here to make the process easier for you. When it comes to expensive items like oxygen concentrators, lift chairs, hospital beds, wheelchairs, and power scooters, the DOL requires something called prior authorization.

Prior authorization means that you need to provide some documents to show that the equipment is medically necessary before the cost can be covered. To meet the DOL’s requirements, we need a few things:

  1. A Letter of Medical Necessity (LMN): This is a letter, signed by your doctor, explaining why you need the equipment.
  2. A Prescription: Your doctor also needs to provide a prescription for the equipment.
  3. Recent Office Visit Notes: The DOL prefers that you’ve had an office visit within the last six months, and the notes from that visit should discuss the equipment you’re requesting.

Sometimes, certain equipment, like oxygen concentrators, may require additional tests, but this list is the general information you’ll need to start any Prior Authorization Request (PAR) process. You can send these documents directly from your home health provider’s files or from your personal records if you have them. If not, our team will reach out to your doctor’s office and do everything we can to help assemble the documentation needed.

Once we gather the necessary paperwork, our team will prepare the PAR and submit it to the Department of Labor on your behalf. It’s important to note that the DOL can take a while to approve the request, sometimes weeks or even months. If your equipment is urgently needed, please let us know, and we’ll do our best to assist you while we work on getting DOL approval.

At Mountain Medical Supply, our mission is to provide you with the best quality equipment, delivered quickly and at no charge to you. And we are very good at what we do! It’s an honor to serve you and give back in whatever small way we can